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While it may seem like folks back in the old days had their likeness painted all the time, this is simply not the case. Painted portraits were usually reserved to people in the nobility, royalty, and wealthy merchants. These days, commissioning a painting of yourself has become more accessible, but it can still be expensive. Some people would rather spend for cheap website traffic. So, why would you even want to have your portrait painted and how?

Even ignoring the fact that painted portraits tend to have a more classic appeal to them, there are a bunch of other reasons why such an option that you might want to take into consideration. These and more are what will be discussed in the points below.

More Value

There is no denying the fact that a painted portrait is more valuable and expensive than one made of a blown up photo paper. This then leads adds a palpable level of luxury to any place that it is hung in. More than that, though, it elevates the person or the people featured in the photo in ways that can often be difficult to describe. It can almost be considered a primal reaction to think of someone who is featured in a painted portrait as someone important.

Beyond Classy

Regardless of the subject of a painting, especially oil painting, one cannot argue with the fact there is a certain level of class that comes with the prospect. That is to say, a painting can give off an aura of elegance and grace that a photo simply cannot. Photos can be seen as ordinary and far too accessible, even the ones featuring the most momentous or important moments. In contrast, a painting can be seen as the height of good taste even if the subject matter is not exactly all that impressive.

Better Resale Prospect

With those aspects above brought, having a painting also provides you with a better opportunity to resell the item for a much higher price. That is to say, if you had a painting of you with an important figure, for example, you might even be able to sell it for a much higher price than you spent for it. Naturally, this would depend on the figure or figures featured, so you will need to figure out this particular point yourself. Celebrities, sports personnel, or public icons can often fetch the highest price.

Environmental Factor

Finally, there’s the matter of the environment in which the painting is going to go. If you are only planning on putting it up in a simple apartment, for example, you should adjust the complexity and quality of the painting accordingly. The same goes for when you are planning to hang it in a prestigious institution like a university, for example.

Artwork similar to those in the Van Gogh museum Amsterdam come with a certain level of importance and weight of history, after all. They should be placed in an environment with a corresponding level of gravitas.