Selling Painted Portraits, Better Prospects

When it comes to the matter of reselling, the value can be a complicated process of taking the nature of the item into consideration versus what potential buyers would likely be willing to pay for it. In the case of painted portraits, there is certainly a better chance of selling it at a higher price than just a photo, but this requires context. It’s a bit like how a tech blog is only good if it actually has valuable tech information to share.

So, with this being the case, it’s time to look into the reasons for why a painted portrait would sell for a higher price than a photo and how this can be the case. On top of that, we can take a look at how there are some exceptions to this rule and what to look out for when trying to make a decisions with regards to it.


Selling Painted Portraits

If you have a portrait of yourself painted or that of someone else and try to sell that painting, the value of it increases based on a few things. Of these, the following are most worthy of note:

  • Relevance
  • Painter
  • Value Set

All right, so the safest way to make sure that your painting sells for a lot of money if you do decide to put it in the market is to feature a known figure alongside you. For example, if you posed for a photo with a hugely popular celebrity or sports icon, you could have that painted and then sold. There are bound to be fans who are willing to pay for that painting. The skills and reputation of the painter, as well as the value set by galleries, for example, will also play a role.

The Potential Exceptions

On that note, there are actually exceptions to this rule such as those that feature salacious imagery of known figures. Such pictures can often yield more value in return for your investment as opposed to going through the trouble of having it painted. It’s like how organic visitors can often be worth more than when you buy website traffic for growth.