POSTPONED: Monastery Denekamp English spoken now from Friday January 18 until Friday January 25 2013

Location: Elizabeth House, address: 30 Gravenallee, PE 7591 Denekamp
Accommodation: single room with sink. Full board.
Maximum number of participants: 10
Course fee € 535 and € 35 registration fee (for 65 + and income at minimum € 515 and € 35)  excluding materials.
At the fee of € 56 there will be at the first lesson a prepared mahogany iconboard, examples of drawings, gold leaf and pigment. Advanced students buy materials in consultation. The price of the board separately is € 40, the dimensions are 25 cm by 19 cm. After registration you will receive a small materials list and a list of participants.
Program: This week’s goal is painting a simple icon, 6 hours per day and we will also spend an afternoon at leisure (cycling or any other excursion).

The lessons consist of gilding with gold leaf, application egg tempera paint, learn how clothing is modelled, and how flesh parts.
Furthermore, there is brief information in the way of talks about church-, art- and world history in relation to the icons, Orthodox spirituality, materials, anatomy, Byzantine music, and also we sing the icon hymn, we read the icon painter prayer and there are several of DVDs on Byzantine history and monasteries.
Registration: students must apply by email or by mail to register. They are invited to mention any icon painting experience, especially where they painted. They will soon be aswered and, after payment of the fee of € 35, the registration is final. The course fee is payable with an invoice and to be transferred one month before the beginning of the course. It is always the fee of € 35 that is withheld in case of cancellation and in case of cancellation one month before the beginning of the course, the entire amount. We recommend that you get cancellation insurance at a bank or insurance adviser ( 5% cost of the course fee).



We teach the technique of traditional icon painting, which has been practised by monks in their monasteries for centuries. Following the ancient Greek traditions we use honest, natural materials. The lessons are accompanied by an extensive introduction on the history and meaning of icons. We use a wooden panel that has been coated with chalk and size, so we can immediately start applying the rough sketch to it. Next, we gild with gold leaf, after which we can continue filling in the remaining fields. From pigments, egg yolk and vinegar we make tempera paint. Much attention goes to:
1. Colour theory for icon painters
2. Mixing colours in practice
3. Properties of the paint.
During the lessons we make a simple icon.
Beginners and advanced students work side by side and are supervised individually.