More Value in Painted Portraits than Photo

To say that paintings are more valuable than photos is a blanket statement that is not necessarily wrong, but is simplifying things a bit too much. Basically, yes, paintings are generally more expensive than pictures. However, this depends a lot on what factors are involved. The discussions can even help website grow their user base without having to buy website traffic.

With this being the case, it’s worth diving into this subject with the goal of looking into why paintings are generally more expensive than photos, when this is the case, and what the exceptions are. That last part is particularly worth paying attention to since it leads to better questions with regards to how you can have your portrait painting commissioned in a way that is advantageous to you.

Why Paintings are More Expensive

The impression that paintings are more expensive than photos is generally on point. When comparing painted portraits with portraits that were simply printed, the former usually turns out to cost more than the latter. The reasons for this are usually because paintings:

  • Take more time to produce
  • Cost more in terms of materials
  • Require significantly more skills
  • Generally come with greater risks
  • Can be highly subjective
  • Come with higher mistake expense

Those are just some of the reasons why paintings can be more expensive.

When are Paintings More Expensive?

Paintings are often more expensive than photos, but not always. For example, a family photo that is converted into an oil painting will inevitably cost more than the picture that took literally seconds to print. A painted portrait using actual models can mean even higher rates to pay. On the other hand, there are times when photos, especially the original copies of the photos can come with higher price tags.

What are the Exceptions?

So, what are the exceptions to this rule? Well, photos with historical value can easily eclipse their recently painted counterparts. The same goes for sentimental photos such as those taken during a momentous event. Such photos would even negate the necessity to buy traffic for website growth if they are popular enough.